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confused.com doesnt give you instant results though mate

I used moneysupermarket.com company for loans, flights, mortgage prices.. give you the best price on the high street.. technology behind that site is amazing!

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Got some good quotes.... however it didnt have anywhere to specify previous accidents (although I did nip through it quite fast so might have missed it!)

Lowest quote was £450, I currently pay £800, but the bangs will increase it, beings as I'm such a liability and all..... :rolleyes:

Good site though - good find Steve!!

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Went on http://www.insuresupermarket.com earlier on, isn't bad but there were a few sites that didnt give me a quote for some reason, 1 was elephant & I've just got a quote off there & it was about £20 less than the cheapest but gave me the option of the 10 month accelerator for almost £200 less than the cheapest 12 month quote.

Still, good to get a rough idea if you're looking at buying another car or something, I get loads of quotes like that (mainly using confused.com) just to see how much I'd have to pay if I bought a hideously powerful car I'd seen somewhere.

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