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Mkiv Auto With 310 000kms


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Hi everybody, i'm new on the forum, i'm 20 and i live in Paris!!

I'm going to buy a mkiv '94 TT automatic with 310 000kms...

I've seen pics of the car and had talked to the seller, the car is clean, interior and exterior and the engine seems well too...

the price is about 11 000€(euros) (very cheap compared to other supras in france which are more around 20 000€), i don't know how is it in £ sorry!!!

How many more kilometers does the supra can do if it has been well treated???

Do i have to be careful on the Automatic transmission???The turbos???

I would like to know if i do a good operation to buy it or if i have to let it go...

Thanks a lot and so sorry for my english!!!


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Engine should be fine if well looked after, turbo's may be getting old.

As long as there is no smoke when its warm and also when your driving it should be ok.

Take it out for a drive and put your foot down, if you see smoke then the turbos are probably gone/going.

The auto box should be ok as long as it going into drive and reverse without too much noise. You may get a light 'thump' noise but this isnt anything to worry about.


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As Leeky says shouldn't be much wrong with the engine or gearbox, just try to keep an ear open for any other knocks and bangs when driving it.

These cars cope very well with high mileage and 200,000 mile examples are not unusual, however its the suspension and other wear and tear items you need to look for (what condition are the seats etc)

Also at that mileage i'd be looking for any signs of previous accident damage and how well it has been repaired.

Good Luck

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Just to make things easier for UK readers -

The car has done 192 000 miles and is £7450.

i dont know about you guys but that seems very steep to me considering it has 192k on the clock :blink: , my advice would be to come over to england for a few days an pick one up for the same money with half the mileage :thumbsup: , if looking at that sort of mileage he can get a uk tt (theres one on ebay with 140,000 on the clock going for £6500 (i think)

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