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Corolla Starter Motors


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91 Corolla 2L Diesel - I'm on my 4th starter motor in 2 years. Every time I put a new one in, it goes fine for a few months, then one day you turn the key and absolutely nothing happens. My garage man has checked the electrics and he says it's definitely the starter motor. He also said that there are so few starter motors for this japanese model in the UK, that they keep being recycled and the faulty ones keep coming back. Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions? It's otherwise an absolutely brilliant car - 6 years of fantastic motoring - and japanese icons all over the place.


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I think it all depends really, do you trust your mechanic, can you see

what he has changed?? Personally I would seek out a specialist auto

electrician, and get him to have a look, I have had a so called specialist

try to rip me off before, only he didn't know I am an electronics engineer,

he fed me a complete line of bovine manure for a good five minutes as to

why my alternator was not charging my Battery, and the truth was he

didn't have a clue what he was talking about, my wife was impressed with

his knowledge till we drove away and I told her he was bull****ting,

"but he was so convincing she said..........." :huh:

So I suggest you seek out an auto sparkie before you need one, tell them

the problem, the recycling story sounds like rubbish, if components are being

properly reconditioned they should work and be warranted for a year,

good companies normally paint items too.

Electrics are not magic :hokus-pokus:

Hope this helps. :thumbsup:

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I reckon 4 starter motor in 2 years is mega abnormal. Like Master_Simon said, if I were you, I'll get second opinion. Plus, I agree with Master_Simon that recycling story is bullocks. Good ND starter motor won't fail in such a short course of time. Some might try to sell you AC Delco ones but insist on ND or reconditioned ND ones.

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