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not sure with the Corolla.......but I'd reckon that it's NOT the same as the engine Oil.

My Sera is an auto and has a drain on the sump, and another on the automatic gearbox. Also, it has 2 dipsticks. If your car has 2 then the Oil is separate.

The Auto dipstick has ( on mine ) the type of ATF used printed on the side of it.

hope this helps some !


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What Boro said.

I have never saw an auto box use the engien Oil, totally different Oil for different things. It will be separate sumps and drain points. Sometimes the drain plug on the auto box looks quite different from the traditional bolt head on the sump.

Before you drain the Oil in an auto box ensure you know how to fill up again and from where. Most Automatics now are filled through the gearbox dipstick (not engine oil dipstick) . Garages have pump systems to fill up your auto box. The diy chap often needs funnels hoses etc so just have a look at it to determin what u need first. The diamater is also often small and may take some time to fill it back up.

You also need to ensure you know the procedure to check the fluid level in the auto box again. All cars when it's warm after a drive, some cars you put in gear, some cars you select a specific sequence of gears before the fluid is right to check. You want only the right amount of fluid in your system, there can be too much as well as too little so be carefull

Get a workshop manual and it will keep you right

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