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New Emina And A New Member!

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Hi All,

I'm a Emina Estima (or is it an Estima Emina?) owner of 24 hours. A Jap import from an import dealer, and I have today been going over the vehicle to see how everything works, and where everything is. The electrically operated curtains 'jump' when you hit the switch but do not close or open. Any idea what drives these curtains? Anyway, not that important in the scheme of things. What I am interested in, is locating the jack and wheel brace. I can't even find anywhere on the vehicle where these could be stored away! If it makes any difference, it's the 2.2 TDI auto varient. Lastly, I think I need to get the underside Waxoyl'd. I don't fancy doing this myself, as I don't have a pit or ramps. So how much should I be paying a pro to do this for me? Any ideas would be welcome!



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The only bit I can help with I'm afraid is the jack and wheel brace - they are under a little lift up plastic floor panel on the drivers side, right alongside the middle seat or row of seats, depending on how many you have!

Cheers Glenn :thumbsup:

Ps - another little tip - if it hasn't already been done it will be worth having the cooling system thoroughly flushed out. They can suffer from blockages sometimes especially if it's been sat on a boat for a few weeks recently.

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Oh and as glanma forgot , tsk,tsk, on behalf of all of us , welcome to the club :)

Shame on me - my apologies, and welcome indeed :fishyface: So how's it going, nearly a week on?

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thanks , you answered my queation on the location of the jack and wheel brace , i only got mine today and am finding my way round it

You're welcome - and welcome to the club too! :thumbsup: There's usually someone on here who will know the answer to most questions so don't be shy to ask!! Hope you're enjoying your new 'Toy' too. :D

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Hi All

I have just joined the Club and wish to thank you guys for your replies ref. locating the Emina Jack and Wheel Brace.

We have just bought ours (Emina '93 2.2TD Auto) and are feeling our way around.

We have a Handbook with the vehicle but it is in Japanese! My language skills do not go that far!

Can anyone tell me where I can obtain an English translation?

Many thanks again.

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