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Rusty Verso


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i bought a new corolla verso & after just 4 months (20k miles) the roof above the windscreen has gone rusty. My mate bought one too in the same pale met blue &its going too.

Anyone else got this problem?

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No, but I have been considering buying a Verso for my wife and see this as yet more very bad news for the relatively fresh Turkish factory.

With all due respect to both Turks and !Removed! I don't believe that the Turks have sufficient experience in quality automotive manufacture to be able to do justice in the short term to the quality of product manufacture and assembly that we've come to expect from Toyota as a brand. Nor do I suspect the !Removed! have sufficient, if any, experience in working with the Turks to deliver a product commensurate with Toyota's requirements.

I have read that Toyota.jp believe their Turkish factory exceeds Toyota's high standards across the board. But, considering the quality issues with the Verso over the past year, I'm beginnning to wonder whether this is merely a PR ploy to hide a cheap and cheerful manufacturing business.

In fact I wonder whether the Japanese directors are not already committing seppuku by the dozen over the difficulties they are having in encouraging Turkish workers to respond to the Japanese approach to work and best practice.

I'm not rascist, and I have nothing at all against the Turks. In fact I warmly welcome the cultural differences of all nations, for this is what makes the world go round. My thoughts are based on issues of culture, nothing more. Even my dealer raised more than an eyebrow when I queried his experience to date with the quality of Toyota's Turkish-built products.

I'm sure the big cheeses at Toyota are doing all they can to maintain their reputation at the Turkish plant by encouraging the workforce to apply the widely proven oriental approach to work. But to expect any nation to instantly adopt another nation's attitude towards anything (especially work!), when such an approach may be so alien to them in the first place, is in the least naiive, and at worst completely unfair to the Turks. I suspect the Turks will need time and training beyond the medium term before their factory becomes another centre of Toyota excellence.

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hmm, interesting

i have now done 45k miles & the car has been very reliable & Toyotas service superb.

the regional tech manager from toyota refused to take on the rust problem but, after he stood me up for a face to face meet i can report they did sort the problem out.

He did say however , that unless you have a sunroof in the verso version they do not zink plate the the area above the screen.

I think because i ve done so many miles &the car is usually bought for ladies to poodle about in (no offence to anyone) that in 4 years there will be a lot of rusty corolla verso's

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