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Hahahaha... intercooler for a rear window!

On the other car... a turbo that size belongs on an earth mover!!!  :yes:

Bet there's a bit of delay on that baby spooling up. You'd better be ready when it does though!! :wacko: :D

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the jet car made the earth move for my mussis :lol: she loved it! i had a great time too!!! great day! and laura give a huge thanks to les for lending his coat!!! :thumbsup: i took 3 pics! 2 of the volvo that me & jaxx fell in love with!!!




volvo's Badge!


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I have images and video of the day.

Also of the full TOC stand, Drifting, Russ Swift stunt driving some K12 Micra's and a bit of 1/4 mile action.

Spent most of the day with camera and digi cam, looked like a right tourist lol!!! Nice to meet some fellow TOCers if only brieftly.

images and video to come.

Kev :)

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I love that Jet car..... It gets me every time......... like a hot sensation pulsing through ya body ..... some girls will know what I mean :thumbsup: :P I am glad that is came back from its last crash :group-cuddles:

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minis running an st185 mr2 turbo engine

in fact... its the back half off the mr2 welded to the front half of the mini :P

brill day!

jet car ruled as per usual! damn i love that thing! sporting a new body Shell to since it 'crashed'

the volvo ruled! only needs a T5 lump and i would have soiled myself

and i liked the bug van thats said ''i beat up 4 hippys and all i got was this lousy bus''.... oh and it was running a porker lump, but smashed the g'box on the strip :(

and the old skool guys from Turbo Tekniks and the mental Essex V6 twin turbo 560bhp sierra! also rocked!

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