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<_< I m thinking of swaping my 17" fox alloys for some 16"/195/45muti spoke from either Toora or Fox and springs from G max or Tein,the G max is £118 and the Tein is £200 has any one tryed G max.i want to know which is best,also which is the best place to get my wheels from as i live in Leeds.

Many Thanks

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Teins are much better quality for the extra price, and you should definatly get them from Envy as they are about £160-£175, and as you are a gold member you'll get 10% off or free delivery.

As for the wheels most places will post them to you, you could also ask envy

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cant have put it much better than r6th m, gmax are the budget option, i went with them as i was offered them cheap second hand, and after having them on a year there ok but i wouldnt choose them again! they are also faily noisey springs in the sense they creak abit, ive known mates to have them on different cars and say theres bang over big bumps!

id say from experience go with the teins, they are stronger springs aswell, when i have no weight in bac the rear sits very high, teins will hold their shape :thumbsup:

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