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This may be a silly question but here goes...

I have a 1998 1.8 Avensis Auto. Normally in Drive on a level road it will creep forward if I take my foot off the brake - this is what I would expect. Usually if it's in Drive and sitting on an uphill slope it just sits there fine with my feet off all the pedals and the handbrake off. This is also fine.

Sometimes though when on an uphill slope in Drive the car will roll back several feet or even yards until I put my foot on the brake. I don't expect this as I thought that in Drive it could only go forwards. The same can seem to happen in Reverse on a downhill slope (i.e. it can roll forwards).

I haven't worked out the condiitons under which this happens but it may be when the car is warmed up so maybe the temperature of the gearbox Oil is relevant?

Is this the way it's meant to work or if there something wrong? What do others out there experience?

PS. this is my first Auto so I have nothing to compare it with.

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No it's quite normal. Basically when in 'creep' there is only so much power going to the wheels which obviously at somepoint will not be enough to keep the car going forward.

A good way of thinking of it, is driving a manual with a very slight press on the throtlle, which means on level ground the car would go forward but any steep incline would cause the car to roll.

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