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Hi All,

I'm a Emina Estima (or is it an Estima Emina?) owner of 24 hours. A Jap import from an import dealer, and I have today been going over the vehicle to see how everything works, and where everything is. The electrically operated curtains 'jump' when you hit the switch but do not close or open. Any idea what drives these curtains? Anyway, not that important in the scheme of things. What I am interested in, is locating the jack and wheel brace. I can't even find anywhere on the vehicle where these could be stored away! If it makes any difference, it's the 2.2 TDI auto varient. Lastly, I think I need to get the underside Waxoyl'd. I don't fancy doing this myself, as I don't have a pit or ramps. So how much should I be paying a pro to do this for me? Any ideas would be welcome!



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Hi Roger

Not sure about the curtains thing, but I would recommend getting the cooling system checked for blockages as this is probably the one real weak point these cars have. If you're cooling system is in good working order you'll rarely have any other problems. On a diesel car (any make) I always change the cam belt too regardless of mileagefor my own peace of mind..

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