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I just got a 1990 4Runner SR5, V6, 5-spd 4x4 on the road. It was a freebee from a friend (nice friend huh :D ) Anyway, it has a habit a stalling after sitting at a stop light. Idles perfectly, no warning of any problems. Ease off the clutch and .......... stall. Takes sometimes 10-15 cranks to get it started and them off she goes just a fine as can be (until it does it again). I've gotten a few suggestions that it might be the Mass Air Flow Sensor.

Opinions? Where would the MAFS be located? I am an old GM (Corvette) guy and know my way around an engine compartment, but Toyota's are new to me. Any help w/b greatly appreciated. Only 165K miles; does not burn oil, smoke on start up or seem to indicate any other engine problems.

Thanks all................ Nut

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