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New Vatara.

Uncle Bob

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Bought some fuel today, part of the forcourt was a Suzuki Dealership, i sat in the new vitara 3 door, sorry to say it seems a very nice well equipped motor :( , but no auto in the 3 door so that one up to the Rav4 :) .

So many of the Rav4's styling detail has been robbed by Suzuki, catch it in a side shoot, in dim light , could be a Toyota ;) .


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Stick with the Toyota's I say!

Just think depreciation...

No i would never buy one, seem to have very thin metal, most of the panels you can push in with your fingertips :o .

And also if you read What Car review on it, it is very slow, because it only has a 1.6 where the Rav has the 2.0 VVT-i and years back they were too light and they had the problem of the rolling a bit to easy, so i think Toyota win hands down!

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Except there is no more 3 Door RAV4 just a big heavy 5 Door RAV4 and other than the two Diesel engine there is only one crappy petrol 2.0L engine to pick from . I really wished Toyota had given the choice with Petrol engine just like there is two Diesel engine choices in the new RAV4. I know Diesels Rule in Europe/UK but I want a Petrol motor :-)

I know it's wishful thinking that Toyota in Europe/UK would ever have given the option of the 3.5L 269hp engine the North American V6 RAV4 has but I would have been happy if Toyota Europe/GB had given the choice for the 2.5L (200hp) engine that the new IS220 has in the new RAV4.

The 5 Door Vitara has a 2.0L engine but the best of the bunch in the Vitara is supposed to be the Diesel.

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