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New Exhaust


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Hi guys,

The stupidly loud and annoying double exit exhaust is gonna get replaced on my Gen 6 ST and I've got a few questions:

In the image below the rusty bar on the right is attached directly onto the back box and via a shapped rubber piece to the chassis. Is this a standard fitting for mounting a new back box?

The problem is the bar has snapped away from the back box and air is blowing out the side, as I hate noise the damn thing makes anyway it's a convenitent excuse to get rid of it.


Secondly, how much should it cost to get a bog standard, boring and nice and quiet Toyota exhaust for it?

Finally, does anyone know if there was a optional exhaust that looked like this that toyota would fit?


If it is an after market jobbie (most likely) will it have been tuned to the correct back pressure of the engine and if not will it have an adverse effect on the engine

(e.g increased engine wear)?

Thanks very much in advance!

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