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Gen 5 Or Gen 6


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Been thinking of buying a celica was going to go for th gen 6 gt-4 then my mate said he was selling his gen 5 carlos sainz edition. Now im not sure what to go for!!!! Would like some opinions plz.

(plus been on gt4oc but cant get on to the general forum to ask)

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gen6! more refined , more powerful, more room inside ,and that fantastic bonnet!

but the gen5 is still a fantastic car ,try both and make your mind up, just remember that the gen6 is newer so less chance of it going wrong or costly repairs / bodywork etc, the only thing to make sure of is that the suspension is ok and the figure of eights are sound or have been replaced as it costs roughly a grand to sort out. which ever model you choose will put a big grin on your face.

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Anyone will tell you i`m as biassed as they come. :yes: But IMO if you could get a Gen5 CS with the Gen6 Mechanicals then that`d be my idea of heaven. Realistically though as previously mentioned the newer the car the less likelihood of having to spend too much too soon. :thumbsup:

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£2500 on gt4oc

1991(J) Toyota Celica GT4 St185 widebody in Mettalic Grey (UK)

114k Miles

12 Months MOT.

with Immoboliser (cat2) and alarm.

Slighty power Modified but nothing silly. Not a car that has been ubikd but cared for. In the last year I have spent over £2000 in repairs and £1000+ in mods. I have changed the Oil every 4-6k miles with Fully synth.


TRD Steelhead Gasket

Fensport Stage 1 Turbo (5000 miles £600+ when new)

3" SS De-cat Downpipe

Blitz SUS Power Intake

Powerflow Rear Exhuast

Steel braided brake Hoses

GAB Adjustable Shocks all round.

Lowered/Stiffend Springs.

Front Cusco Adjustable Top mounts.

Smoked Boost Gauge & Oil Pressure Gauge.

Clear front indicators

17" Team Dynamic (gen 7 t sport) alloys (need refurbs)

215/40 Nankang NS2 rubber

Recent Repair Work:

Front driveshaft/cv replaced with new one

Head Reconditioned

Exhaust Manifold replaced

All belts changed

New Diff Mount

New radiator

New hoses in engine bay

New Thermostat

New Heater Matrix

New Front Disks

In the last few years it has also had a new clutch and a recon Gearbox fitted.

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Gen 6. It's the thinking mans choice, assuming that money isn't an issue. It's an evolution of the 5 so any number of probelms are likely to have been resolved (though I don't actually know of any off the top of my head). As it's newer it should be more reliable on average. Also, it's more powerful.

But choice of celica comes as much from the heart as the head.

My personal opinion is that the 5 is starting to look a little too dated for my tastes.

You may prefer the looks of the 5 in which case Toyota reliability is such that you should not be put off by the age. Even older high millage examples still prove to be very reliable.

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Gen 5, Gen 5, Gen 5, Gen 5, Gen 5, Gen 5, Gen 5, Gen 5, Gen 5, Gen 5, Gen 5, Gen 5, Gen 5, Gen 5, Gen 5, Gen 5, Gen 5, Gen 5, Gen 5, Gen 5, Gen 5, Gen 5, Gen 5, Gen 5, Gen 5, Gen 5, Gen 5, Gen 5, Gen 5...........Children!!!!!!! :rolleyes:

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gen 5 carlos sainz all the way.

only reason to get a gen 6 is for ready to go extra ponies. nothing an uprated tubby and a FMIC with supporting fueling mods wont sort on a CS.

it's like asking scooby doo if he wants a scooby snack!

Hmmm - rally proven dominator or a renegade :lol:


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