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First car was a pug 205 1.1 trio S - cost me £900 to buy and £1200 to insure

The I got a Seat Ibiza 1.4 - most reliable car I've ever had so...

Got a Ibiza Cuprasport 2.0 16v - the only car that I am dreading to get rid of. Now the Celica's coming, she's got to go and I'm going to miss her :(

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Let's see now...

P reg (70-something) Vauxhall Viva HC 1.3

Y reg (83) Ford Fiesta 1.1GL

D Reg Vauxhall Cavalier 1.6GL

F reg Nissan Sunny 1.4LS

J reg Ford Escort 1.4 estate

K reg Mazda 323 1.8GLi fastback

various company Astras, Cavaliers, Mondeos

R reg Ford Escort 1.8si

Y reg Honda CR-V 2.0es Executive (inc. shower & fridge!)

Favourite from that lot... probably the 323. Great to drive, pop-up headlights, stolen from a pub car park and used in a house break-in before being utterly destroyed by a bunch of scrotes in Failsworth, where it had been abandoned :(

The Fiesta was nice - surprisingly fast for a 1.1. The CR-V was a bit boaty, but a lovely car. Worst thing about it was what it did to my tax code, with it's CO2 rating of 229...



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I`ve had way in excess of 60 (Sixty) Cars ranging from my first MG 1100 to the one before the GT-4 which was a BMW E28 M5 by far the best apart from the Celi. The worst was a matra simca bagheera.... Talbot alpine engine in a badly stuck together fibreglass box. :(

The list is impressive.

8 Austin/Morris/BMC (Inc 3 Dolomite Sprints)

11 Opel/Vauxhall (Inc 4 Mantas)

4 Chrysler/Rootes (Inc Matra)

7 BMWs

4 Audis

2 Lancia

3 VW`s

3 Fords

3 Toyota

2 Mazdas

5 Citroen/Peugeot

1 Alfa Romeo

1 Fiat

4 Volvos

1 Jag

2 Mercs

1 Mitsubishi

1 Daihatsu

1 Land Rover

2 Renaults

And probably one or two that i`ve forgotten about. I used to be able to remember the reg no`s of most of them. :ph34r:

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Cant remember the reg's or ther year but will try and get them in order.

Hillman avenger 1st car loved it

vauxhall viva

Austin mini

triumph dolomite

Volvo 340

mazda 323 1.8i

Austin montego 2.0 (worse car ever made)

volvo 460

rover 220 turbo 2.0 deisel

toyota celica gen 5 gtr (jap import)

nissan 200sx 1.8

toyota celica gen 5 gtr (uk spec) and keeping it this time

my mazda also came to a nasty end was stolen then used in a armed robbery 2 months after stolen just my luck never got it back was a right off.

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hmm, a walk through memory lane...

F Reg Rover 213 1.3

C Reg Austin Metro 1.0

Y Reg (Old) VW Jetta 1.4

F Reg Rover 213 1.3 (got the car back again...)

J Reg Ford Sierra 1.8TD

S Reg Rover 416i

P Reg Celica GT....

Worst by far was the Jetta, bring back all sorts of bad memories...

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I`ve had way in excess of 60 (Sixty) Cars

Is that one a year since you were 17?? :lol: ;)

I had:

J Reg 1.1 Metro - Most fun car I ever had, lost it twice going too fast and did no damage :D - Got rid of for £600 (cost 0 given it when my grandad died but did cost £300 to get it on the road!)

K Reg metro - Only had it for a couple of weeks borrowed from a friend then I sold it for them - 5 gear version not as much fun as the 4 gear one I had :)

N Reg Seat Ibiza 1.4 CLS - Noisiest car I've ever owned, crap gearbox, handled like a shopping trolley which had been extended in height and loaded so it was top heavy! Fairly reliable though (mostly wifes car though)

P Reg Ford Escort 1.6 16V Zetec - Not bad at all but seemed to eat brake pads - new set every 2000 miles ( I was driving through fast country lanes with lots of braking but I was doing 25000 miles a year!) - Written off by stupid old woman

P Reg Peugeot 306 DTurbo - Worst car I've ever owned, complete peice of sh :ffs: .

P Reg Celica 1.8ST - Best car I've owned

T reg Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec - Wifes car (second best car owned)

The wife also had an F Reg Nova, but I wasn't seen driving that peice of crap :lol::ph34r:

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-mk2 Golf driver - 1.6 gti look alike

-Mini 1000

-Rover 216 Sli P reg

-Renault clio 16v (on a par with the celica for driving fun, infact I was a nutta when driving that thing so it probablt tips it to the post)

- Renault 5 TL (damb thing was falling apart)

- Renault clio 1.4 RT (fantastic car for the money, quite quick too)

- Current Celica

There were a few other very short lived cars too - mitsi shogun, mazda mx6 (great car in a straight line but scarry round the corners)

All in all I love the Celica most but the Clio was a hell of alot of fun and so ws the mini.

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1 Austin meastro 1.3

2 Vaux Astra 1.6

3 Rover 214si

4 Pegeot 306 1.4

5 Mitsubishi Shogun Pinin

6 Vaux Calibra

7 Ford Probe........yeah yeah I know!!!!!

8 Toyota Celica!!!!! Yeay......got there eventually!!!!!!

Not bad for a 27 year old, nearly a car a year for each year I've been driving!!! :P

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Mk 1 Fiesta SuperSport

Nova Gte

Megane Coupe 2.0 16v

Celica 1.8 ST

328i Coupe

A3 TDI 110 Sport

Celica T-Sport

Only had the Celica 2 weeks yet so not sure which is best, The BMW was an absolute dream to drive though and very good fun.

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