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3sgte Into An E12 Corolla?


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As per title really, has anyone done it?

I've got a 1.6 T3 at the moment and am quite happy with the car, but really want more power. Rather than upgrading to a Tsport (probably about an extra 5k when you look at how hard it is to shift second hand cars atm) I was thinking about an engine transplant.

It would have to be the 3sgte as I wouldnt want to have less power than a Tsport but I was wondering how difficult the swap would be. Well, what I actually mean is, how much would I be looking at paying someone to do it, as I have no skills. :crybaby:

Any info greatly appreciated!

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It won't drop straight in. You have to beat a lot of metal in the engine bay, make engine mounts fit where they don't, get driveshafts made and a host of other things. The Fensport AE111 took more than 2,000 man hours to get right - that's from Adrian Smith - Mr Fensport himself. It's a labour of love and you need very deep pockets - that's why I went for the 4A-GZE instead.

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Ah doesn't sound so good :(

Well I did a bit of ringing around yesterday, called up Fensport and they put me in contact with a mechanic in Leeds - very rough figures that people were quoting me were in the region of:

£1500 - complete engine

£1000 - £1500 fitting (although could be more, depending on what goes wrong, usual deal really)

£1300 + mapping time - for the ECU

Add another £500 for a FMIC and guages

And another £1000 for initial "things going wrong"TM :D

So I was kind of thinking around the £5500 mark, which incidentally is the cost of a cheap ST205 (another option) so do people think this is completely unrealistic?

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yep it aint cheap. but bang for buck its ace.

bank on at least £6k for a conversion incl brake and suspension upgrades.

if your handy with a set of spanners and can weld competently there is no reason you cant do it your self. i did all the work on the rolla bar exhaust and mapping. any info pleaase ask

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I figure we may as well keep this discussion on the public forums so that the information is available for others who are interested :) With that in mind, onto the questions!

What kind of cooling modifications to the bodywork on the car do you think will be required? The standard intercooler on the 3sgte is a top mount, but I would definitely be looking to switch that to a front mount as I don't want to go through the hassle of fitting a scoop and ducting to a standard E12 bonnet. Luvres could be an option, although it all adds to the total cost of the project.

Can you recommend me some insurance companies that would consider covering a project like this? I have a feeling that the standard companies arent going to be too keen and I will need to get realistic quotes before I commit to anything.

Do you feel that standard TTE springs are up to the job, or will I need to look at a more expensive suspension setup? With regards to brakes, I've been told that the T3 uses the same setup as the Tsport, so I imagine they would be up to the job, well certainly the rears at least, or am I completely wrong? :D

What would you say the total completion time in man hours would be, including all the fabrication work? I have zero skills so would definitely be paying someone to do it, but I'm interested in how long they would need the car for. I can get the train to work easily, but I think more than a couple of months will really start to grate!

Thanks for any help given!

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first you will need to use a GT4 radiator for cooling and this will fit ok so no mods req. front mount intercooler can be had for around £135-£150 + pipe work.

front springs should be ok but you may need a custom set making (not too expensive)

front brakes WILL NEED UPGRADING. Tsport items will not be up to the job. i had mine made by a company called HIspec. they took a while to get sorted but are awsom. the kit comprised 2 custom mounting brakets, 2 6 pot alloy callipers, alloy bells and a pair of 335x32mm rotors and a set of mintex pads.total cost about £1300. rears will be ok as they dont do much work anyway.

engine takes around a week to fit, make mounts etc, wiring hoever is a complete mare. 2 months should be a bg enough window but it depends on the competance of the person doing the work and wether they can concentrate soley on your car. they may need to fit it around other jobs.

fensport are your best place to ask as they have fitted the engine to a e12 Shell all beit a RUNX 4wd car from japan but the only real difference will be that theyre car is 4wd

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