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Upping The Boost?


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Hopefully getting my Tubby back after work today after having another turbo put on. Fingers crossed she runs without smoke now!! So:

I've been told that I should change my plugs for lower temperature ones if I up the boost on my Rev 2. Is this the case? If so, what ones should I get?

Also what's the max PSI I should go for when increasing the boost?? I've been told 15 is the max, but i've also heard someone say 17 is the max! Which is it??

Thanks peeps!! :thumbsup:

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yes, u need colder plugs if u plan on upping the boost. a lot of us here in the u.s. use ngk copper plugs. bkr7e. im not sure what the part number is. as for boost, i wouldnt go past 15. anything higher, the turbo is just blowing hot air. u wont see any gains of running at 17. plus, u higher the risk of blowing up your car.

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CT26 yeah?? EBC or MBC?? If MBC I'd say set it to about 13 or 14 psi....then it will be ok when it spikes on cold nights, if you went EBC 15 would be the max I would set it. CT20B and 17 psi would be ok. You got rid of fuel cut??



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