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U Know Ur Getting Old When...

jay dh

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Well im the eldest and ive not passed my test yet, my sister doesnt want to live past 16 so theres only my little bro to go! and hes got 6years till he can drive anyway! Ive got a while yet! :lol:

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Heh, heh! I never passed my test! :thumbsup: Didn't have to sit it either :lol::lol:

That's coz I got my licence when I was 16, for a Moped, & Driving tests hadn't been invented. You just applied, sent in a few bob, & Hey Presto, you were Street legal. Oh aaaarh matey, Them were the days, :yes:

If I said that I've never had an accident I'd be tempting fate, & prolly have one tomorrow, so I won't say it :eek:

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