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Why My Car Is Smashed To Bits,


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Hi, I'm new but I might have registered before and forgotten.

I have a 'grey' (it's blatantly stylish dark silver gunmetal :P ) 1.3 GL Corolla liftback,

I have owned this car for a few months, but I only passed my test in the second week of July.

I moved up to live with my girlfriend in order to attend university and the second weekend as I lay sleeping, some fool reversed a 7.5 tonne lorry into it, smashing the wing, the bumper (which pushed out the other wing exposing all the lovely rust I was going to treat) broke most of the plastic to bolt the head and sidelights into place. Luckily there was no engine damage so she still runs the same.

They gave us their details and went on their way, so we phoned the insurance company, and the hire company who own the lorry and they said everything was going ahead ok.

Now I find out that the enemy, in this case the other insurance company, have decided that they won't admit liability because the driver didn't know he'd hit my car. (Like he's gonna feel that while sitting in 7.5 tonnes of lorry :angry: )

So now, it's been 3 months, and they have 3 months to admit or it goes to court.

all for an accident that can not in any possible way have been my fault (legally parked, not in the car at the time).

So that's why it's not worth taking the engine to bits to get to the Oil leak, and why it's smashed to bits.

All I want is the money to repair it, is that so much to ask? :wacko: and until then it has to stay as it is, with a wing that points upwards and some blue tape holding the sidelight in.

oh, and typically, now I need to get a grey corolla for spares, there aren't any around on autotrader or ebay :P

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