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Engine Warning Light?

m4rk scotland

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was driving home from glasgow the other night at 80 in 5th went to change down to 4th gear and then the light came on and the car jerked as if there was something holding it back, i quickly dipped the clutch let the car roll and carried on at low revs, but when i put my foot to the floor again the revs rose boost came on and it did it again..... car ran fine all the way home and i took it canny,

no smoke or wierd sounds after that...

any ideas what it could be?

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Do a CEL test:

To extract the code, with the engine off and the ignition key in the on position (the position the key is normally in with the engine running) link the E1 and TE1 connectors on the grey diagnostics connector, in the offside rear part of the engine bay.


See here for details on what the codes mean:

Codes explanation



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