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jay dh

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finally making progress with mods!

fitted my kenwood HU and mp3 changer

big thanks to charlie (chuck04) for doing most of this. took about 1h (with a bit of banter). we fitted the changer under the front passenger seat on top of the sat nav box. the HU is below...


smartened up the engine bay too, not finished yet but 90% done and i wont be finishing it for a couple of weeks. want to do a design on Battery cover but gota think of one. so here is so far...



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good ol apro hose covers :)

rid the ts badge thoug. looks naff imo

v.nice hu too

yea, nice and cheap covers!

its been a mixed reaction to the Badge but im gona keep it for now, ill se what it all looks like when its finished

thanks for the comments all

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only issue with the TS badge is that it'll be stuck on? -  and when the car gets hot the glue will melt ... hope it doesnt fall into the fan or similar?

thanks for the concern but i havent used glue, ive used strong sticky tabs. i can heat them up to remove but the thing wont budge after ive been for a drive

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