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Yeh looks ok I spose.... :P Just need to get the solenoid in now and connect it to alarm so I can pop the boot open with the remote. Oh and fit a new cigarette lighter. Got a couple of funny looks from tourists today...Could have been the boot...Or the dodgy music i was playing?!! :lol:

Just gotta decide where to take the pics now!

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So the pics are a day late....


And Chris stop bugging me now...!!


My nice painted dash...You can also see the edge of my Apexi RSM which I now have a stand for (Thanks Kev!) and that i have replaced the door on the dash where the RSM used to be



Ah...smooth baby yeh!! :P



And my Lester grill (thanks Kev...again)

So whatcha all think??

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Yeh charlie the speedo cluster and the controls for the fan etc have been smoothed. But the stereo bit is still the bumpy style that the dash is in the yaris. Apparently it's not made from the same type of plastic as my dash, and if it's sanded down after it's been primed, it will more tha likely flake and won't paint properly. Nevermind!

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Sorry to be different but i dont like any of it much tbh. I think the back is too plain and just looks boring. The interior painting is funky but looks silly against the rest being standard. The lester grill is again something i have never liked either. Also not too keen on your spoiler, light brows or the way your exhaust hangs. Like your rims though :D

Its cool to see a different looking yaris though and one that isnt the same as the others. I guess i just prefer some of the more common parts.

Awesome job though, all top class work!

P.s. Reckon you should sort out the front number plate (typical square or something) as it looks a bit funny IMO

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