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What Is This Warning Light?


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In my celica 183 manaul it is down as the Exhaust system overheat warning light.

This is what it says about it....

This light will normally turn on for a few seconds when the ignition is first turned on. It will appear if the exhaust temp rises to above normal. If both Battery warning light and exhaust overheat warning light turn on while engine is running, this does NOT mean that the cat has overheated, it means there is a fault with the Battery charging system.

If the light appears when the engine is running, stop the vehicle in a sfe area and turn off engine.

Restart the vehicle after allowing it to cool for 10 minutes, if the light turns off it is then safe to drive.

If the light does not turn off, or comes on again go see Mr T!!!!

Hope this helps mate, I would imagine it would be the same on your car.

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