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Celica Gt-four Knocking!


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Hi, I’m desperately after some advice, My gt four has been knocking at idle for a quite a while now, the past week or so it has got much louder, I was told by Toyota it was purely wear and tear but I find that INCREDABLY hard to believe as it is very loud sometimes.

The knocks hard to pinpoint, but there is a tick that comes from the bottom area of the engine, this is faster and often comes just after the louder knock.

I have been told it could be ring lands ( I have tested for Indian smoke signals from the Oil cap) NOTHING, so i'm very curious, it needs to be fixed and no one can pin point it... HELP!!!!! (the tick is not the valves)

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Big ends!!!!

They are wear and tear and mean you need either a new, or a rebuild engine!!!!!

The bad news is Celica GT-4s are a REAL PAIN to do serious engine work on!

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Well, you sound quite confident that the noise is coming from the bottom end of the engine, which would indicate a bottom end problem. :crybaby: This is normally the result of neglect or abuse (run low on Oil, pushed hard from cold etc). On a turbo engine it is advisable to replace the Oil every 3 to 4k miles.

If it's not too bad you might get away with changing the big end shells, which might well be possible with the engine in situ. Otherwise it's major engine rebuild time. :crybaby:

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the 'ticking' noise could well be the injectiors/injection pump

ive asked that quaestion before as it is quite loud on mine, but with all the other backgorund noise you can never quite isolate where the ticking is coming from!

and is also quite normal

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