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Airbrush Art.

Catz Tatz

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Ive been thinking of airbrushing my Gen5 GTFour, Granted i will have to change the bonnet to a non vented bonnet with air intake thru grill <_< .

So anyway back to the subject at your eyes.

Is Airbrushing HOT or NOT ?????????????????????????

I know what your thinking, "PICTURES", I'm on it, Seriously ive got computer gremlins. :bookworm:

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As said a good air brush job can be great. I think it is to be admired for the class and art that is is, anyone can go the the graphics shop and play with some computer programe and stick on a look. There nothing wrong with that and there are some fantastic graphics but an air brush is a single highly skilled creation.

You gotta do pics with this thread dude, get that pc slapped.

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Sorry to go against the flow, but you did ask for opinions...

I am definatley not keen, it's a bit like tatoos, you look at them and admire the skill etc that has gone into them, but at the end of the day they still look stupid and once done you're stuck with it!

So I think people that did like it would only be admiring the skill that whoever does the job has, rather than the car itself.

Sorry if I offended anyone - just thought I'd better put my true opinion :)

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Yeah. I`m in agreement with sotal on this one. Vinyl graphics are just about ok if done nicely plus you can take them off with relative ease if you get bored with the look. - Airbrushing`s a bit more permanent. So sorry - No to airbrushing. :)

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Thanx for takin a look,

Littlewener, Hot Gen5, martin longbow.

I was thinking of: a good looking lady peering over her sun glasses on the bonnet,

And its not my laptop that needs the slap its me.

Then once ive got more confidence get an arial veiw of engine the put that on the bonnet.


I will be buying a spare bonnet, yuv gotta, so really its only the price of bonnet and time spent in oven, come on guys am passionate bout this stuff,once sick of the same site switch bonnets for standard and do another masterpiece, granted not everone has an oven to play in but i still think its better than stickers,"now youve got me started".

Im not say stickers dont look good they do, but under neath it all lets see, when your car is so filthy it needs a buff, stickers buff but not well,residue catches up on stickers edge then goes dirty instantly, then once you want them replaced theres a Big chance the stickers have embedded lines in your laquer, faded colours the list goes on and on.

Airbrushing will be a smooth finish that will buff up for years depending on sprayer.

Hope i have converted afew.

Pictures will follow asap................Cat

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Yep.. Fair play. I see your point. And hey!! It`s your car, you can do what you want to it.  :thumbsup:  The bonnet plans a good `un. So i`ll reserve judgement till i see the pics.  :D  :thumbsup:

Nice one dude, maybe i'll thro up a freeby in a comp one day. I will convert you.


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it would need to be a GT4 bonnet that you use for the art work i'm afraid, the 3SGTE engine runs at some extreme temperatures from time to time and needs the cooling.

i'll reserve my judgement till the pics come up as i have seen some nasty air brushing done before :thumbsup:

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