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Found An Mr2 I Like (got A Question Tho)


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What year is it?

On my MkII which has the leather seats you can adjust the angle of the seat base which effectively lifts you up slightly, though it doesn't raise really raise the seat that much.

They're all pretty low cars so you feel like you're sitting low down, but that's just part of the exerience. You probably have to try it for a while and see whether it's OK for you.

On the Mk II (don't know about the others but it's probably true for them too) you can adjust the wheel up or down, so that helps you to make it fit you.


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You can adjust the drivers seat (a bit anyway) on the side of the seat there is a arm which adjusts the seated part up by about 1 to 2 inches :thumbsup:

Forgot to say this only moves the front part of the seat not the back :unsure:

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