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Levin Instrument Panel


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Hi all,

just a quick question to those of you drivin either ae101's or ae111's- does your instrument panel look like mine here?


was hoping to get a set of reverse EL dials, so if the instrument clusters matches anyone on here I could be sure about what I was looking for!


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all i want to know is if your dials match the configuration of mine above?

It will make it easier to go about looking for dials if i know that they match!


I'll take a pic an post it up later tonight. (that's around 9hrs time :))Looking it now, it looks very similar apart from the units of course.

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Sorry, thats a really bad pic, but yeah I don't think they are similar. The trip is digital on mine for starters and doesn't have that strip down the middle.. It might be different on pre 2001 models, I'm not sure, sorry bud.

(ahh.. my ultra low mileage :) )

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