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How Fast Should My Mk1 Be


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I finish work early today but its cats and dogs outside so no working on the car a guy who i work with has a mk2 t plate think its a gen 3 ? n/a anyway we went for a blast on the bypass near our work and my mk1 kicked his ***** but i did drive like a t**t . All i done is exaust airfilter one of them resisters in my air flow temp and advanced the timing 2 degrees When we stopped he told me he had raced a mk1 before and mine seemed alot slower my car will pull about 55 in sechand 95 ish in third 120 in forth and 125-130 in fifth is this right / ok the car has done 230 thou and still going strong apart from the little probs i listed before

will someone please tell me this is ok and stop me worring :huh:

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I couldnt believe the speed of mine when i got it - mine will also comfortably do 60 in second gear- and i had it up to 120mph in fifth the other week - (on private road of course :ph34r::rolleyes: )

I felt like she would have gone past this but my tyres arnt up to it so i didnt push it

They are very nippy for a N/a - standard i think they push 122 bhp - have you had yours on the rollers since doing the mods? :bookworm:

T x

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Not yet but will soon am hoping santa brings me some thottle bodies for christmas and my bro got some cams for me cant wait now painting my new 17s ta go on just waiting for 1st coat to dry should look good gloss black wheels on a diamond white car should really be spending pennies else where but who cares :o

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Yep its like a women the more miles on the clock the looser they get prob going ta go bang soon but then i can just rebuild with loads of goodies

Controversial!!! :yes::lol:

My 4A-GE in my old Corolla GTI was running perfectly when I scrapped it on 179,000. They'll run forever if they're looked after!

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