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? But Does It Work?


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Been discussed before! It is complete rubbish! Will mess up your car tbh, especially with an intelligent ecu like the yaris has! All it does is add resistance to the air flow reading recorded by the MAF sensor therefore causing the engine to inject more fuel as to match this air flow. This in turn means more petrol is injected making your mixture richer creating many problems plus the inefficiency! It really is rubbish! If the ECU gets confused by the huge air flow readings all that is likely to happen is it will turn to "limp home" mode where all power is minimised.

You had my word on it now hear everyone elses Echo!

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No problem! Wasnt having a go when i said it had been discussed before mate! But yeah using the search before starting a new post can often save you a lot of time :) It's a shame it doesnt work really otherwise we would all have one :P

Best of luck with your car!

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