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Thanks for all the condolences on my buggered Yaris, I got it back on Thursday, pics to follow once she's had a good wax - honestly :P .

Repair job came to a completely new right hand panel down the whole of the car

New skin on the R/H door

R/H wing

New front and back bumpers

New rear bodywork below the bumper

New bonnett

New carbon-style grill

New front chassis bits above the radiator!

So suffice to say it's half a new car! All I have to get is the damn Excess back as i was'nt my fault.

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Glad you got it sorted, as for the excess how are you claiming it back? Are you approaching the Third Party Insurer directly or do you have someone else claiming back on your behalf?

I work in Motor Insurance claims you see ;)

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I'm going through my insurance to claim it back - but the 3rd party's insurance did contact me directly - but too late to ask about paying for it so if my lot drag their feet I'll just give the bloke at Elephant a buzz and ask for me 200 squid back!

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