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Does anyone know whats involved in de-catting a gen 5 GT import and is it worth doing?

Is it simply a case of cutting the cat out and adding pipe in its place (Fabricator/welder by trade so will be able to do this myself).

Do you gain any extra BHP or am I talking drivel again? :P


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You should gain 4 hp: the gen 5 with cat has 154 hp, the model without has 158 hp (both book figures). In theory, yours will be very slightly higher due to it being mapped for 100 RON fuel.

The simplest way would be to get the pipes from an early UK gen 5 (UK cars only had a cat from about mid '92 onwards). Then there would be no fabrication involved, just swap the parts over. I'm sure TCB will be able to provide you with parts (see the stickies for their contact details).

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I just decatted my supra.. the difference is awesome!!!!!

Hit Ebay and seach for celica, there are some nice manifolds and decat pipes on there!

Excellent.. cheers for the help. Gives me something to do next week when the Mrs starts nagging... he he

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