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Gen 6 Speakers


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I have seen quite a few postings about Gen 6 Speakers. I have just had mine changed at the local ICE shop. The old ones are in my boot. They were the original and are marked up Toyota. Fronts are 210mm dia, but the bit the sound comes out is 5 1/2" the rest is an integral metal surround. The rear are 5 1/2".

I told them not to bother with the rears, as I have read where they are difficult to remove. They phoned me after 20min to say they had removed them.

They fitted 170mm Speakers in front plus 19mm tweeters flush mounted just forward of the door handle ( covers are about 45mm dia).

The speaker kits were Kenwood KFC-P705ie for the front and KFC-1769S rear. I know you can buy these online for approx £110 plus delivery.

I was charged £170 fitted including adapting the 170's to fit and drilling ect for the tweeters.

Sounds Ok....as I will never see 50 again what do I know?... only that I should have bought a GT4 now... maybe not to late.

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