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Landcruiser Colarado


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When I turn the ignition key to start ,I sometimes hear a clicking noise but the starter does not turn,I turn the key off and then back on to start it and the starter motor will operate, this has happened a couple of times now but I need to sort it out!!

My vehicle is a 98 colarado 3.0dauto could it have something to do with the inhibitor switch on gearbox.

Or is it something to do with the alarm imobiliser.How does thi alarm work.

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could be the Battery connections, try cleaning them with emery paper. Sometimes the connection will turn on the ignition but not turn the engine. Or it could be the starter motor itself, the bendix gear within the starter motor on the shaft gets worn and the return spring gets weak. If it is this the starter motor won't disconnect from the fly wheel, sometimes a tap on the starter motor lightly will free it temporary but if this is the case then the starter motor needs replacing.

But I suspect first of all the Battery not providing enough power to the starter motor and this is what I would look at first, quick test, try using jump leads from another car. If it starts ok then that is your problem.


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