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Hey All..

New member here so go easy ;)

I am currently in a position to purchase a new car and I fancy something along the lines of the MR2....... I have £5000 tops to spend...

Now my only problem is I know bugger all about the MR2.. :(

What models should I be looking at ( or avoiding ) ( I fancy the idea of the Targa roof ) Are there any 'known' issues to look out for etc etc......

I'm sure you have all been asked these questions hundreds of times before..

Thanks in advance...


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Oops sorry was dozing......

Hiya fella and welcome to the Club, MR2 I have to say is a superb choice, but then again as most people here will tell you I am very very biased....

It's a dhame you weren't on last week we had a lovely MR2 for sale for 4k it was a stunner....

For 5k a t-bar is easy, what part of the country are you in ?

You could possibly get a turbo but for that price would stick to an NA, although [remembers friend is selling] would you be interested in a red turbo t-bar in excellent conditrion if it hasn't already been sold ???

It used to be an IMOC members so has been looked after ?

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Model History

Apr 1990 MR2 Mk 2 mid engined rear drive Coupes: MR2 (`cat', 119 bhp), GT and GT T-Bar (both 158 bhp): 5-speed gearbox (optional 4-speed Auto on 119 bhp model), independent suspension, disc brakes. Equipment: sunroof (targa-style removable roof on T-Bar), electric windows and mirrors, alloy wheels. T-Bar has leather trim.

Mar 1992 Revised range: new frontal styling, 15" alloy wheels, uprated suspension and brakes. GT and GT T-Bar models now have 154 bhp engine, `cat' and variable-rate PAS.

Mar 1994 Revised models launched in UK with uprated 173 bhp high-compression engine, side impact protection beams, improved suspension, ABS, restyled rear spoiler and rear lamp clusters.

Feb 1996 Limited edition (of 250) `10th Anniversary' GT T-Bar launched in UK. New price £23149. Used and Trade values approx. 5% higher than standard GT T-Bar.

Aug 1996 Revisions: 168 bhp low-emission engine, heated mirrors, green tinted glass in place of blue, driver's airbag.

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