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Gen 6 Ss2 Lowering Springs


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Right have noticed lots of new SS2 owners so hoping someone can help me.

Trying to lower my SS2 by 30 - 40 mm

Went to a meet and someone told me that they were the same as GT4 springs but went to a garage to get it done and they told me they were completely different. Are they talking out of there bottom.

The only ones that the garage could find for mine would have to be imported and would cost me about £450 fitted which seems a little extreme to me

Can anyone help


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springs should be the same as a 2 litre uk version st202 mate , if its got super strut suspension on it , then yes you will need gt4 springs from a gen 6 gt4.

for example - but i wont buy these ones , try spax springs they are good.



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can't you see my posts ???? :rolleyes:

if it has got superstrut , these will fit. http://www.whifbitz.co.uk/celica-suspension.html

me personnally would leave it well be.altering the pitch of superstrut may end up costing you more than a set of springs , look here at the price of superstrut parts http://www.tcbparts.co.uk/


pic courtesy of the celica club.

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oh mate your on the rocky road to modification  :D

its all fun from here and your bank statements turn pink now :eek:

i will have a look at your powerflow when your not serving queen and country see ya soon  :thumbsup:

Will pop it round to you mate. Looks nice

and i know what you mean about the bank balance already

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