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Busted Yaris Radio/display/air Con


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I realise that I have posted this same subject on a further 2 threads but this really is critical that I get some answers very soon :help::unsure:

On attempting to install an aftermarket head unit for my yaris I realised when I tried to insert it into the space where the black cash box is, that I need an adaptor for the wires, and it is too big to fit anyway.

However the problems then begin when I wire the radio back up, re-attatch the dash, only to find that the radio, as well as the small LCD screen no longer functions at all, and the air conditioning button also no longer lights up, as well as the a/c no longer working.... :( :( :( :( :(

This really is going to land me in some hot :ffs: :censor: if I don't fix it sharpish

Is there ANYONE at all who could tell me whether this is something I can fix.. or will I have to face the music and Shell out for a new radio etc etc from toyota, i'm really not looking forward to this :unsure:

any help at all would be very much appreciated


sam :help:

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ok, just stripped it down again and nothing is out of place.

what's more i've discovered a new problem, the eslectric mirrors dont move either... i daren't try the leccy windows...

isn't this just a bowl of cherry's!! :censor: :censor: :censor: :censor: :censor: :censor: :censor:

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sounds like youve blown one of the fuses at a guess, dont know which one but it should say on the fuse cover what does what.


yeah it must be... don't stress to much

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Does sound like you've blown a few fuses.

Leccy windows have a seperate fuse....radio/display has a seperate fuse.

You say the air con light doesn't light up...does the air-con still work?

They don't actually use bulbs now but solid state led's. If it's that that's gone, then it's a case of a new switch....

When I first got my TS the radio/cd/tape deck and the display wasn't working...turned out just to be a lose connector....but affecting windows too...hmmmm got to be fuses!

Check all the connectors behing the dash again...but they are all colour coded so can't really get it wrong.

best of luck!

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sorry just seen that you did say the air-con wasn't working....yet another system on another fuse... I can't see you could blow so many fuses, on differents systems...check the connector blocks and ensure they are the right way around!

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