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Anyone Running An Aftemarket Supercharger?


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Is there anyone else on the forum running an aftermarket supercharger say on an IS200 or any other car?

If so, what make have you got?

and what type of pulley do you use? size (dia/mm)? static/solid pulley? or electromagnetic pulley?


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Not sure if you have done any research but there are two things to look at...

The Tom's Altezza 280T uses a blown 3S-GE mill. They are super rare and info isn't the easiest to find, I would imagine that they use an electro magnetic clutch but couldn't be positive.

The 1990's Crowns/Cressidas etc were fitted with the 1G-GE a handful of which recieved the SC14 supercharger making them of course a 1G-GZE. This charger is a good up grade for the 4A motor.

Not sure if you knew this already but if all else fails try looking at Vortech.

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