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Supra Mk3 Autobox Problem?


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Hi All,

I'm new here btw!

I have a mk3 single turbo, and the auto box seems to be missing the second gear, It will go to the rev limiter in 1st gear, throttle off and then it will change but it seems to jump straight to 3rd?

If i select 2 under Drive on the selector, just seems to rev its nuts off (i think its 1st gear thats why!) Could this be Brake band adjustment.

I'm a mechanic, and maybe able to get access to the mk3 toyota supra auto box manual, but just wondered if this is a common problem?

:eek: 233,000 miles engine still going strong !!! gotta love the jap's !!

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If you launch and carry onn accelerating without movong your foot on the accelerator, does it pick up speed toa cruise running through the gears, or does it seem to "miss one"?

It may well be from your post that you have got second and are mistaking it from first... the 7M is a very low reving engine, and it has lots of low end torque.. you could quite happily pull away in second being no the wiser! In "normal" driving first seems to be rarely used in my car...

Have you tried, resetting the ECu, and checking the kickdown cable from proper adjustment?

Also how are your fluids for the auto box? What year car is it???

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Booting it hard sounds likea the kickdown cable to me!!!!

Has the car recently had the headgasket done??? or any other engine work that would involve moving the kickdown/throttle cable??

Disconect if for a while, both terminals... some people swear on tapping the brake lights to to make sure there is no residual charge.. I just undo it... While its ressetting, This is your friend

Click on auto transmission.. somewere it should tell you how to to adjust it!

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Used this page to check the kick down adjustment,

Adjustment page for kick down

Its as it should be, i think, if i open thottle fully on the throttle body then pull on the kick down cable, there is about 5 mm slack. is that right?

Ok to recap fault in more detail.

Put vehicle in D, push Acc pedal to floor, vehicle will accellerate to 6500 rpm i.e to end of 1st gear then sit on the rev limter and not change to 2nd or 3rd till i release the throttle fully! By this time vehicle is doin appox 40-50 mph. If cruising at 40mph and i press acc pedal to the floor hard the vehicle will kickdown to 1st gear and rev on the limiter (not nice) its not slipping, i dont think, its just vehicle is going to fast for 1st gear!

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If anything the cable sounds a little loose!!!!!

6500 is too late, as the redline kicks in at 6200 ;)

Try resetting the ECu... a flat Battery is not the same as no Battery!!

My girfrinds car did this after I replaced the engine... after driving it about it sorted itself out.... at first keep overdrive on, and ECT off.

Its hard to diagnose a problem like this from just reading about it!

On another note do you know anything abut the headgasket change? if not done properly they tend to blow again fairly quickly ;)

You could try asking on mkiiisupra.net, but I feel reliuctant plugging a site where regular members get ina strop with me from attenting any meets from other forums, or indeed posting on other forums :rolleyes:

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Head gasket was suppied by Fensport, triple layer job! done 10,000 miles now seems fine.

When Battery was replaced, it was removed for 48 hours, so reset should be covered!

I also changed ATF in the auto box. i think i will tinker with the kickdown cable at the weekend, and see if it makes a difference!

Hopefully a friend at a Toyota Garage is gonna drive it this week as well!

I'll keep ya posted on what i discover!!!

Thx again :D :D :rolleyes::thumbsup:

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