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Southern Autumn Meet


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Well what a top day that was, the venue was excellent for a meet with some very interesting cars inside :yes:

All those that attended, it was nice to chat with you all and it was quiet funny with James the photographer picking some of you out for a long photoshoot session including Chris's mum :lol:

Hope to see you all soon,


P.S. Forgot to take pics but i'm sure some nice person will pop some up soon ;)

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Just got in (stopped for a pint and fish and chips)  cheers for a great day Ken.

it was nice to see a faces to the names.

whens the next one. :D

November the 12th in Salisbury, RR day plus meet & pub tea but give me a few day's to do some research before editing the existing post from Steve :thumbsup:

Very nice to meet you and you family today mate btw :yes:

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Yup... thanks for a good day folks.......

We got in a bit back after having a pub dinner :D

Great day, Nice to see many cars I know about in the flesh at last too.....

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Really enjoyed todays meet, was good to meet some new peeps and see a few oldies!!!!

mmmmmmmm deep fried grass stufff!!!!

:!Removed!: Hehe that stuff looked disgusting (for those who are wondering, Milly had Bangers 'n' Mash with some weird looking grass stuff all over it :lol:)

Great meet - my first one in my own car and it was fun having pics taken... if not a little cold! ;)

Hope to make it to more :thumbsup:

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Sorry i never got to chat with everyone but I had a few personal issues going on cursing.gif cursing.gif cursing.gif

Oh and i was embarrassed about bringing the beemer. laugh.gif

But it was indeed nice to see some different faces and cars. get a little stir crazy over here sometimes.

Well done and thanks to Ken for organising it. Hope to be at the next one with the GT4. :thumbsup:

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