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T Sport Oil Filter And Oil


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guys i have read old post and need to confirm things, Ankles better now (damn kickboxing!). Anways looking at my Oil and its black and hasnt been chaegd for 12k!! :o , so im going to buy a new Oil filter and Oil.

My old boy uses "0w40 Mobil one" in his is200, and swares by it!

thing is, ive been reading 0w40 mayb a bit too thin. Can you get say 5w40 and would that be ok?. I cant find any !Removed! millers, and Mobil one seem ok to me!

Also what oil filter should i use seen these on ebay, http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Toyota-Oil-Filter-Av...1QQcmdZViewItem any good?

cheers in advance

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