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Well Done Kevin@Envy Performance


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He's only gone and done a 10.5@140mph at Santa Pod today :eek::drool: :D

Well done Kevin and nice to see it done in a car that has been modified by the person that own's it from standard instead of shipping it in like some people :thumbsup:

Team TOC for TOTB V is looking very good indeed :yes: :D

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well done kev... hope to be setting some PB's myself when she's running again.

out of curiosity what tyres you running?

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i can understand how hard it is to actually do it, not just press and go!

nice as ken says to see some home turf tuning doing well :D hopefully a late 9 one day ;)

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Hi guys/girls :)

Thanks everyone for your kind words. It means a lot to us as most of you know how long this has taken to perfect! We were aiming for a 10.9 and then Kevin really goes and does it with a 10.5 dead!

I also have to make a comment that this was based pure driver skill and great car setup.

It was ran in full street trim, seats, mats, interior panels, spare wheel, tool kit, sub box, amps etc are all installed. This car has all creature comforts, the only thing it doesn't have is cruise due to the Virtual Works manifold.

There was no traction control, lauch control, anti-lag, 2-step, full throttle shift or anything like other cars in the same bracket run. So we hope for more with a little help from the electronics.

One thing about the video that you'll notice is the big drag car in the other lane. The reason Kevin let it go was it was so !Removed! loud that we couldn't here ourselves think on the viewing platform, let alone next to it.

I'll leave you with the slip so you can have a look at the numbers.

I am not sure if we'll get to the 9s with it full weight (and then some), although the Americans can so we'll give it a go ;)

Santa Pod Oct 16th Run (Right click, save as)

WMV Format 5.5Mb, decent quality.



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