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Is It Worth It?

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I just got into an accident with my '97 Corolla. Basically, the front apron is a mess, and I'm looking at 4200 to repair it. I have a little over 164,000 miles on it. Should I take the loan to fix my car, or look for another? I can't afford a new one, so I'd be risking purchasing a used vehicle. The only thing is, I commute to school and I REALLY need a car. If I repair my Corolla, will it be able to last another 80-90,000 miles? Thanks for your help, I'm really having trouble deciding.

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£4200 you say? :eek:

take the loan and buy a newer car...problem solved.


As joe says.

P.S. Joe, his location appears to be New jersey, I assume the US, so it's $4200 (£2100approx)

OT - Richard, Was it you I saw the other week going over the Aston Flyover in Brum? :ph34r:

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