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Any Helpfull Info?

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hey every1,

iv been considering for quite sometime now to go and get me one of these beasts!

but befor i go trade my car in and splash the cash, was just wanting some general info about the car such as things to look out for when buying etc im looking at getting a 97 reg starlet, so any help and info would be greatly appreciated

cheers mouse

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well first of, its either a starlet gt or a glanza, the glanza being the newer version. but yeah, as with any car, the main thing to look it is for " boyracer " abuse, so have a good varied drive around with the car and check for tired suspension, brakes, transmission, engine etc... And to be honest, buy a standard car as its a lot safer of a proposition. And with any car as well, just make sure its been taken care of and serviced regularly, especially the turbo as the seals can go with poor maintenance, so look out for any smoke!

oh, and im afraid you're gonna be warned about that signature! they did when i had one :(

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nice1 cheers Riko..

oh any advice about importing a car?

97 cars cant be registered in the UK mate. You need a model report to get them through SVA and one doesnt exist. Its 1996 only for Glanzas im afraid (apart from the few 97-99s that made it through before the law changed)

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k then:) i was told that it would be best to import due to the japanese having strick laws for there cars to keep them in tip top condition, this true?

I dont follow chap. Import as oppose to...?

buying one of someone who already owns one overhere

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