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Auto Yaris.. Problem Driveshafts?


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I have a 1.3 CDX auto yaris ..3yrs old..around 40,000 miles.

since around 15K I have been reporting to the dealer knocking/clicking

noises from the front end...Dealer cant trace the source of the noise..parts

now being changed ..thank God still under warranty...so,front wheel

bearings..checked, no prob. Today RHS driveshaft changed..noise still

there..Dealer will have car back and change LHS driveshaft..then keep the

car for 3 days and if necessary, look at the gearbox!!!..they tell me they

have checked with Toyota UK who know of no issues with this model....so, any

ideas?/ The dealer is OK..long established dealership in a rural

community..the farmers wont take any crap round here!!


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