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Pics Of The New Gtr

mad welshman

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Wow!!! they have actually put effort into styling the skyline!!! No longer a bland box!!!!!!!!

It may be also worth noting that the "skyline" and the "GTR" are now seperate cars, a lot like the celica supra, becoming two seperate cars :)

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looks like it will use the 3.5 v6 from the 350z and the new skyline coupe but according to pretty much every website going it will be turbo charged and be in the region of 400bhp - which makes sence seeing as the new facelift 350z has almost 300bhp and is still normally aspirated :)

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a 'proper' R35 chassis?

a proper RB26?

hope so or its a big no no from me <_<

and THAT actual design has been out for yonks! just as a concept! :rolleyes:

As far as i've heard it won't have either - like someone said before this isn't a 'skyline' so no BNR53 chassis and the quad cans on the rear aslmost confirm the suggestions of 'V' (either 6 or 8) power :(

Imo this concept is 100x better than the 2001 concept as it has more hints of the other GTRs - but the technical specs will spoil it as far as it is to be considered a 'GTR'

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I love Nissans more than anything, but I'm going to have to take a pass. I'm sure it'll be fast and all, having seen the specs, but at the price they're going to be asking for it here, I should be able to buy more speed for less $$$. I'm also expecting it to weigh about as much as the transport that delivers it.

Besides, it looks like Alice Cooper.

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