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The Factory Tour...

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Well from a personal account.....

Silly O'clock start to make sure we were up there in time and after chasing Scot to get his :censor: in gear and get round mine as he was grabbing a lift we were on the road without to much knowledge of where we were heading, with surprisingly fast moving traffic we had plenty of toime to stop for the all important morning caffiene trip and get back on the road for what proved to be a very uneventful drive up there apart from a quick play with a Blue Rev 2 MR2 on the A road leading up to the factory :)

On arrival it was quite interesting to find the correct car park, I'm know a number of people did their own tour of the Toyota Factory car parks before eventually finding us in the correct one, same old faces as always were there but it was superb to see some new faces, NIck in the Previa (excellent to see a Toyota MPV there), An old Cleica in full Rally decla's which was cool and of course the Yaris, MR2, Sera and the usual crowd, great to see everyone and put names to faces, it's always good to meetup....

The tour was really interesting with giggles during the pre-tour presentations about those dam pokie-okies (Mat stop sniggering) and some really informative new stuff, new toyota smaller than the Yaris on the way peeps, smaller than the Yaris but no further details.....

We were guided around Assembly 2 and saw the Corolla being put together, couldn't see where the rattles were installed though :D

After the final Q&A session we all headed down to a local pub for some superb food, and great conversation....

All in all a superb day it's justa a shame the weather didn't hold out, it was a mare getting home !!

Great to see everyone and hope to see you all soon :)

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