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Ss1 Or Ss2 ?!


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I'm new here and I'm hoping someone can help.

I've just picked up my newly imported 1994 Celica which I specified MUST be an SS2, and I suspect it is an SS1.

The reason for this is the information contained on the web page below:



>>The way to tell the SS-1 from the SS-2 is by looking at the tachometer. The red line on the SS-1 starts at 6200 rpm while on the SS-2 the red line starts at 7000 rpm. From the rest of the cars appearance you cannot tell the two apart. <<

The redline on mine starts at 6200, and the tach goes up to 8000 (in the [japanese] manual there is a reference that suggests the SS2 should go up to 9000).

How can I be certain whether mine is an SS2 or an SS1?

Apart from spending my budget on a lower spec car :angry: , this can also present problems with my insurers, so any information or resource which will help me to confirm this and perhaps prove it would be invaluable.


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The answer is already on the website link that you have provided. The biggest difference is the engine. SS1 is 3S-FE engine, whilst SS2 is a 3S-GE. If you lift the bonnet, you will see a VIN plate stating which engine it is, thus you can be sure.

I personally recommend SS2 as if you are going for SS1, you might as well get a Carina or something which will be much cheaper to insure. :)

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