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Yaris Suspension


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I 've got a yaris with the 1.3L engine. I want to tune up the suspension.

I was thinking the solution of bilstein sprint with Eibach coil 30mm lower

A friend of mine told me that they are very hard.

Another solution is KYB-Eibach, what do you prefer?

I just want to make it turn!!

notice tyres:185/60 R14 Yokohama A539, the road quality of my country is poor (Greece)

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billys are all out hardcore racing. there very hard, you can feel the bumps from the road jolt through the steering wheel. to be fair. ive got a 1.3 and the suspension isnt that bad. ive never lost the car on a corner. and ive hit some corners pretty hard.

get some TTE lowering springs.

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I have opened the same topic at Toyota Perfomance.

Could all topics moved there?

I beleive that it is good in cornering but I want something more!!

I will defently put TTE lower springs!!!

but I have a question... the shock-absorver that I have now.Will they broke?because with the lower springs I push them to work to the limits of pressure!!

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