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3dr, Door Sills


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Hello thanks for Looking/Reading......

Please Please Please can someone tell me where I can get a pair of door sills for my 3 Door Yaris S.

I can't find them anywhere, EBay seems to only have 5 Door sills up for sale all the time.

I hope someone put me out of my misery with out the use of a shotgun.

Cheers :lol:

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There is quite often people breaking cars on ebay have you tried contacting any of them?

Why has your car not got any sills?or do you mean the sills with a logo on it?

CB :thumbsup:

Yeah Sorry the ones withthe logos on them.

They look mighty good.

Is there a place that sells them or is it a toyota job?

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I was after some as well, but as you said, they only seem to be 5 door ones on Fleabay. Could possibly contact the seller, and ask if he/ she can get hold of them for a 3dr?

Otherwise, I think 'Yota do some....

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There were some on ebay a few eeks ago, from a T-sport

If I'm not mistaken, minidoughty was the winning bidder.

And they did look mighgty fine i'll tell you!

OH YEAH BABY!!!!!!! They were mine!!!! and mighty fine they were!!!!! :thumbsup:

I've got them, you don't HAHAHAHAHA (points and laughs)!!! :lol:

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Are they the ones with "Yaris" on them?

If so, there are some more on Fleabay as we speak. ;)

Yeah......i've seen them and thinking of getting them although there's another set on there for £24 <_< which is a bit steep!

Cant somebody make any ........ it's just a piece of metal with a logo etched on it?

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I like the way this thread has gone.

I will be interested in a pair, I've been looking for some for chuffing ages lol

Well if you don't ask you never know :thumbsup: !

I've been looking at them for a bit now, but on eBay and Mr T there alot for what they are......hopefully the welsh man can do magic things with his hands ;) !

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