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im thinking of getting some new wheels/tyres and im inclined to follow rhaines' approach and only go 16". although 17's will obviously look good, i feel that 16's will be just enough as to not overshadow the cars looks. i would like to go to an 8" wide wheel to fit the arches more snugly.


1. original width backs 7j - fronts 6j. should i go perhaps backs 8j - front 7j to keep the factory widths in relation to each other or just go 8j all round?

2. although my rear tyres are 225.50.15 and fronts are 195.55.15, im always led to believe there should be 20 difference so technically should i have 205's on front?

3. if i go to a 16" wheel then presumably to keep rolling radius the same my back tyres should be 225.40.16 and fronts 195 or 205.45.16 - why then does no-one seem to have this tyre combination and why do various posted (thanks by the way) tyre calculators seem to think that other sidewall sizes i.e 50's on a 16" would be better on the speedo than what i assume should be the correct radius?

lastly fellas does anyone know of a good (and i mean very reasonably priced company) that does wheel/tyre packages that would mix and match the wheels and tyres in a package i.e 2 8j and 2 7j wheels (if this is required) or at least 205's on front 225's on back.

as always - any help is most appreciated. B)

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Afraid I'm not much use with Alloy's and sizes but can help with the tyre sizes Ihave on mine....

The front's are supossed to be 20 smaller but your tyre sizes just don't sound right to me. I am running 225/50/16's on the rear (for 16's most appear to run 225/45/16) and 205/50/16 on the front, again most with 16's appear to run 205/45/16.

I have no prob's with the size of my tyre or handling, only problem I have is the wear on the tyres which is my own fault from taking it outon track etc... Looks like I won't be gettting any more than 7,000 out of my current rear P6000's although the 7k I have had have been extremely enjoyable, great tyre :)

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